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Stephen W. Carter

Stephen W. Carter

Stephen W. Carter is writer and jazz musician. He taught guitar, music theory and English at Berklee College of Music in Boston for twenty-five years. His poetry has appeared in Clackamas Literary Journal, Carolina Quarterly, Wisconsin Review, Hiram Poetry Review, Pacific Review, Hanging Loose and other magazines.

The Singer

      holds down
      two jobs

      "to make ends meet"
      he says

      he teaches children
          to dance
                   between the earth's dark pull
                         and the bright moon's longing
      but to walk
                 in their appointed places

      nights he entertains
      chattering customers
      put down their strong drinks
      to stumble to the dance floor

      when the music has faded
      into darkness
      he sits on the edge of his bed
      for the sound
      of his own voice


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