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Lindsey Bellosa

Lindsey Bellosa

Lindsey Bellosa lives in Syracuse, NY. She has an MA in Writing from the National University of Ireland, Galway and has poems published in both Irish and American journals: most recently The Comstock Review, The Galway Review, IthacaLit, Crannog and The MOON Magazine. Her first chapbook, The Hunger, was published with Willet Press in 2014.


I rock you,
let your screams rock me
until my love flickers,

like a night light.
I don't remember it being like this,
the first time

and then I hate you, and then
hate myself for hating you
and pray or wish or will you:

please stop screaming.
But I don't say it; I sing
and shush and kiss

your curls, damp with sweat
and tears and drool.
Vacuum of pain: dark

and wordless, for you.
Anger is a scream
that I can't soothe

and I think you hate me
for not being able to help you;
you are learning:

anger has teeth.
There are gaps light can't get in,
places love can't go.


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