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Jill Moffett

Jill Moffett

Jill Moffett is a poet and essayist whose work has been published in Push, The Headlight Anthology, The Manifest Station, Stirring: A Literary Collection, You are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography, DifferenTakes, and Cultural Dynamics. Jill holds a PhD in Gender Studies from the University of Iowa, and has taught Women’s Studies at Cornell College and Durham Technical Community College. She works as a medical writer in Durham, North Carolina and is working on her first poetry chapbook.


That next morning, I was undeterred by what was required of me.
That I should be a washer of dishes, a scheduler of dentist appointments,
an organizer of tangled cell phone chargers, a signer of report cards,

was all parenthetical to what mattered most.
My heart a filament, my body an incandescent bulb.

Outside, the whir of a lawnmower.
Inside, a persistent transcendent thrum.

Clayton Lake

Sometime in the past
a windstorm or microburst had felled
a fleet of tall cedars, now woven together on the ground.
Rays of light found their way through the tangle of branches.

Perhaps you are a deer, who loves this kind of place
for its safety. A deer lying down opposite a fallen tree,
camouflaged by branches and undergrowth.

A deer that leaps up when she hears a man
stomping though the woods,
who would be left holding his heart in his throat
wondering where you had come from,
how he hadn't seen you earlier.


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Joshua L Martin
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