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Emily Ransdell

Emily Ransdell

Emily Ransdell holds an MFA from the University of Montana and has recently left a corporate marketing career to write full-time. She has published in CutBank, Poetry Northwest and elsewhere. Emily divides her time between Camas, Washington and the Oregon Coast.

Bowling in Heaven

Like newlyweds,
my parents slip out of their clothes.  
He puts aside the sweater I chose
for him, she undoes her pearls.

They rise up from their old ailments,
their fears of falling, broken hips
and other bad news.  
                        Now they dance
barefoot in their living room,
go bowling on a whim.
They garden all day without pain,
calling out like songbirds,
         come see the hollyhocks,
         they have grown so tall!

                     Nights, they lie down
like dolls and their sleepless eyes
glide closed. They seem so eager
for morning, I pray they will find each other
                       again and again.


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