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Sarah White

Sarah White

Sarah White is the author of Alice Ages and Ages (Blaze Vox, 2010), a sequence of variations; Cleopatra Haunts the Hudson (Spuyten Duyvil, 2007), poems; Mrs. Bliss and the Paper Spouses (Pudding House, 2007), a chapbook; and The Poem Has Reasons: a Story of Far Love (Proem Press, 2008), a lyric essay.

I Meet You Still Though Never

I meet you still though never
fully formed like
a statue only a partially drawn
stream with one arm extended
to the bottom of a pool  
the poem you and I
were working on when
everything went under water
drawings from a night
of little sleep fading
in the morning

What to do on land—
pretend a bottle  
wends between the blues
of the harbor with a letter
I threw in
for you if you can ever
find the time

A stream
children swim in seems
to a grandmother
like tears and to a painter
like mirrors.


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