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Hilary King

Hilary King

Hilary King lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Bumble Jacket Miscellany, Pank, Clapboard House, and Vinyl Poetry, as well as in the anthologies The Reach of Song and Shout Them From the Mountain Tops : Georgia Poems.

New School, Old Children

The expensive school divides his day
into a thoughtful educational rainbow:
circle time,
center time,
units of discovery.

Above the rainbow
the same sun shines.
The clouds of childhood
build, break,
change their shape.

What was your favorite part
I ask my son at the end of every day.
Carpool line, he finally says,
gifting it to me in a whisper.
Robert gave me an Indian burn.


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Hilary King
New School, Old Children


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