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Elaine Fletcher Chapman

Elaine Fletcher Chapman

Elaine Fletcher Chapman (formerly Elaine Walters McFerron) lives on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay in Newport News, Virginia. She holds an MFA from The Bennington Writing Seminars where she also works as Alumni Liason. She founded The Writer's Studio where she teaches poetry and nonfiction. Her poems have been published in Connotation, The Sun, Calyx, Poet Lore, 5AM, Salamander and SPACES. She was guest blogger on The Best American Poetry Blog. Green River Press published her letterpress chapbook, Double Solitude.

Brioche, Late October

Only days ago we sighted three bald eagles
and six blue herons in the marsh.
Sat for a time by the ocean.
It seems indulgent to want more.
I mixed the flour, eggs and warm milk.
Kneaded the dough. Let rise in the warmest room,
then braided and brushed with raw egg.
Sprinkled raw sugar. I've lost confidence.
For months, weighing each decision.
The late afternoon light lent itself
like an elixir. A promise kept.

Morning Poem

This morning, the air heavy with heat.
I pull back my hair and breathe.
Grasses still wet with dew.
It's good to begin the day in a field.
I say, Are you ready? and the dog runs
before I've even thrown the ball.
He's driven by routine. I used to say,
I've raised two children and six dogs.
This is the seventh. In a dream
several nights ago, he sweet talked me,
spoke as if I were his love. Since then,
I sweet talk him back as if he were mine.
Crazy, in the midst of loss, to be loved so.


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