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by Randy Scott Slavin
*A portion of Randy's proceeds from this collection will go toward Hurricane Sandy relief.

Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

The Cortland Review editors and staff dedicate Issue 58 to all those who suffered losses in the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. Our sincerest wishes go out to everyone who stood in her path.

Our cover features the work of award-winning filmmaker and surrealist photographer, Randy Scott Slavin (see Issue 56) who was so moved by NYC's eerie dark in the wake of the storm, he took his tripod and camera into the streets to capture the city unplugged.

from "Petals," by Rebecca Foust:

Petals of the pink camellia
plaster wet asphalt

each Magritte heart bent
off the vertical axis 

sad valentines
posted to a wounded world...

Watch for our upcoming Special Features on Carolyn Kizer, Gregory Orr and Poet Laureate, Natasha Trethewey.

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