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Robin Richardson

Robin Richardson

Robin Richardson is a poet and illustrator. She's holds a B.D. in illustration from OCAD and is an M.F.A. candidate in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence College. She's the author of Grunt of the Minotaur out with Insomniac Press. Her work has appeared in numerous Canadian and American literary journals. She currently divides her time between Toronto and New York and is working on her second full length collection of poetry.

Rawhide Citizenry

The hunter with a flask of brandy pines
for glass, the clear outline of a windowpane,

resumes his fight, the footsteps of a bear
partially qualified by hailstorm, the illusions
of civil law and the severity of rabbits asleep,
nibbling on a ruin's perch. With altered blades, copper
bullets built to splinter in the fur, the uncharacteristically
warm corpse still rummaging, still coming clean,
scraped by the Inuit scapula.

It is important to record the weak spots,
though they all fall soft against the gun.