November 2010

Laura Van Prooyen


Laura Van Prooyen Laura Van Prooyen's first collection of poetry, Inkblot and Altar, was published by Pecan Grove Press in 2006. Recent work is forthcoming or appears in 32 Poems, Boston Review, The Greensboro Review, and Sou'wester, among others. A graduate of the M.F.A. Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College, Van Prooyen lives with her family in Illinois where she writes and teaches at Dominican University.

When, Lord, The Sky    

When, Lord, the sky
hovers so close
to show its cracks
I try to look

behind the vapors,
but find
I am merely here
among the workings

of this day: the dove
beneath the feeder
pecks, while men

to wild contraptions
the neighbor's lawn;
what little peace

I've come by, lately,
was in traffic
when I saw a hawk
glide by

a mirrored high-rise,
slicing circles
over the heads
of so many of us

going, for a moment,




We're getting a new roof on this old house
where we've been longer
                        than we thought we'd be:

our daughter already marking her height to the switch.

The man who lived here haunts us  
                every time the pantry door scrapes
the sloping floor, the clicking hinge
                held by crooked screws.

You curse the splinters in your palm
                from the cheap, warping boards
of the basement stairs
        you're ripping up just now.

But, you never look better, love,
        than when, a hammer in your hand,
the next nail in your mouth,
                you're undoing someone's mistake.



Laura Van Prooyen: Poetry
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