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Charles Wright

Charles Wright

Charles Wright was born in 1935 in west Tennessee and grew up in east Tennessee and western North Carolina. He has lived in Lagua Beach, California and, presently, in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is married to the photographer, Holly Wright, and they have one son, Luke. Wright is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, The National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Griffin International Poetry Prize.

Long Ago And Far Away

Water people, water upon water sound, the creek music,
Who doesn't love them?
                                     Only the deaf, I guess, or wind people,
Their strings over the desert sands, and the deep canyon blow-bys.

Who among us can welcome sorrow,
                                                        or the sadness of dirt?
Well, empty yourself of all that, empty yourself of yourself.
There are some things that cannot be spoken of,
                                                                           or thought about.


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