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Thomas Lux

Thomas Lux

Thomas Lux published two new books in fall 2012: Child Made of Sand (poetry, Houhton Mifflin Harcourt), and From the Southland (nonfiction, Marick Press). He is Bourne Professor of Poetry at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Nullius in Verba (Take Nobody's Word for It)

Don't recall reading that in HS Latin class.
If implicit could be nailed to the wall, it was implicit
you took the teacher's word for it.
I was a poor student
and needed extra tutoring.
On Saturday mornings,
a defrocked priest in the family
drilled me at his mother's house.
Nullius in verba never came up.
I required help with algebra, too.
I didn't believe an X could equal a Y.
I still don't. In fact, I believe
algebra is a conspiracy,
of what and by whom I can't say here,
but I have proof. Latin, at least, is a language.
A good language, and it isn't dead.
Read Catullus. Take my word for it,
it's anything but dead!


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