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Stella Wong

Stella Wong

Stella Wong is recent graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop. Wong was a recipient of a fellowship from the POETRY Foundation Incubator and the 2016 Academy of American Poets Harvard University Prize. Her poems are forthcoming in Narrative Magazine and the LA Review of Books. Wong's chapbook AMERICAN ZERO was selected by Danez Smith for the Two Sylvias Press Chapbook Prize and will be published in 2019.

Who'd Rob God?

You break it you pay for it.

I'm so very bored with all my jesuses today.
I already talked to them in a baby voice
and by them, I mean all of them
baby jesuses I stole from target.

I targeted each and every one—
I lifted them. I lifted them from the shelf.
Shop lifted? I'd rather not,
that word's no fun

at all. They were just, wow
so funny looking. You know how medieval babies
were really just full size men, or how
cherubs are ambiguously sexed?

Maybe I'll talk to my jesuses in my daddy voice next.

One Child Policy Is the Party Pickup Line

There's an eagle that has
one child.
If it has two it will choose
one to take

care of, & purposefully
mistreat the other
so it dies.

The bigger sibling pecks
the little one so he's more shitty

So the parents feed the bigger
one & they eventually ditch
the little one in the middle

of nowhere. So it dies.
And so it goes.
I would peck you now if I could.

Peck you on the cheek.
On the cheek until
the cheekbone was exposed.

I feel like you would look good
eating red Jello.
You know

red Jello is made out of gelatin,
I'll enjoy

my ride in
to hell now.
Next to all the writers from the Inquisition.

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