May 2007

Randy Rich


This marks an author's first online publication Randy Rich has largely written poems for personal enjoyment and has made few attempts at formal publication. The publication of this poem represents his first online magazine publication. His formal education is largely in psychology but he has an extensive fascination with well written poetry. He has published counseling articles online and a book: Transcendent Christian Counseling: The Disciple's Handbook to Mental Health and Spiritual Maturity (PublishAmerica, 2006), with a second book forthcoming.

The Harbor

And the afterlife
moors in the thickening fog
as the years fall
from bright
to shades of gray,
edging ever closer
to the precipice.  
The harbor horns
grow louder,
the scent of the sea
and the pelicans watch
as shadows emerge
from the city.



Randy Rich: Poetry
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