Fall 2005

M. S. Rooney


M. S. Rooney M.S. Rooney lives in Sonoma, California with her husband, poet Dan Noreen. Her work appears in journals and anthologies, including Clare, The Laurel Review, The MacGuffin, Poem, Other Voices, Rockhurst Review, Slant, 3AM Magazine and Fresh Water: Poems from the Rivers, Lakes and Streams (Pudding House Publications, 2002).
Let us slip those    Click to hear in real audio

who would strip veils
even from twilight, wring

umber from the curve
of the moon,

for sweet dreams are aborning
beneath cover of mind.

Let us slip down,

to river beds hollowed
by seasonal storms,

join seeds slipping silently,
by water, by night,

far from stake, from tie,
from trellis, from wire.



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I set aside blue
for light
and lost both.

You drew me back,
gave me tea,
a peach, said eat.




M. S. Rooney: Poetry
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