Spring 2004

Rochelle Ratner


Rochelle Ratner Rochelle Ratner's latest poetry book is House and Home (Marsh Hawk Press, 2003). Sugar Mule magazine just devoted a special issue to her writing, and two e-chapbooks are available from Tamafyhr Mountan Poetry. These can be accessed from her webpage.
Pressure    Click to hear in real audio

It's atmospheric, you know. Any change in pressure. And she isn't the only one. Headache clinics hire temps just to answer the phone on days like this, neighborhood drugstores have to substitute Tylenol 3 for Percocet. It's physics, not nerves. Blood vessels don't expand or contract to adjust the way they're supposed to. Same reason ears pop and babies cry when planes rise, some worse than others. After awhile you pretend to get used to it. Sure, sure. Twenty years of dance class, and she's still offbeat. She thrusts her head in her hands and storms out into the storm, just as her father walks back in with a cold rag for her forehead. God, you'd think this was his fault.




Rochelle Ratner: Poetry
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