May 2001

Geri Rosenzweig


Geri Rosenzweig was born and grew up in Ireland where she worked as an RN before coming to New York. Her poetry has appeared in such journals as Verse, The Nebraska Review, BBC Wildlife Magazine (Poet of the Year Award, 2000), Rueben Rose Poetry Award (Voices Israel, 2000), Poet Lore. Her books of poetry include Under The Jasmine Moon (HMS Press, 1996) and Half The Story, ( March Street Press). Her book White Sandals is forthcoming in 2003 by Sulphur River Literary Review. She is presently working on a new manuscript of poems titled "Domestic Star."

Swans Among The Mallards 

No sudden blow upon the still air,
nor is she helpless in the swollen
inlet where they court
under overhanging willows,
necks braided like snakes.
Nothing unusual
in the way he mounts her,
no great beating of wings
as she sinks beneath his weight,
she knows enough to keep her head above water.

The tide turns, they drift among mallards,
bowing and swaying like a couple
of scholars debating
the pure forms of love.



Geri Rosenzweig: Poetry
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