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"For two decades The Cortland Review has provided me with poems, audio and information as reliably and provocatively as any other journal I read. It's one of the few I insist my interns explore every semester, and they always admire it. Long may you thrive."
--R.T. Smith, Editor of Shenandoah

"The Cortland Review has become a mainstay of necessary web reading and listening for poets. The distinguished guest editor's picks, the video interviews, the authors, the archives, the art, all of it beautifully and lovingly curated and assembled. Amazing how twenty years of poetry can open at the tap of a finger. Congrats to TCR!!"
--Doriane Laux, author of The Poet's Companion with Kim Addonizio

"Next time you have a bus or subway ride, or have a while to sit on a park bench, don't bring a book, just your phone, headphones, type in THE CORTLAND REVIEW and - voilĂ ! - you'll have more than 1500 diverse, talented, original poetry and prose archived in audio and text!"
--Laure-Anne Bosselaar, author of Small Gods of Grief

"The Cortland Review is one of the best online literary magazines. It got to be so the old-fashioned way: by being a consistently class act, publishing the best possible of not only established poets but also new poets, new voices. This magazine and its editors have served the art form well. That takes a great deal of work, dedication, and love. Twenty years: blink! Congratulations!"
--Thomas Lux, Bourne Chair in Poetry at Georgia Tech and author of To the Left of Time

"I so admire the way singular poets are featured, allowed to choose the poets who accompany them, then have their work discussed in in-depth essays by David Rigsbee. For the video and poems of Claudia Emerson alone, The Cortland Review would have earned its eminence, and my affection, among online journals."
--Eleanor Wilner, Editor of The America Poetry Review

"The Cortland Review, once a tendril of a virtual idea, is now an indispensable go-to place for poetry, a living green wall of text and audio voices, where some of the best poems online live and thrive. Where do both initiates and the just plain curious come to find the brightest voices in contemporary poetry? This is the place."
--Molly Peacock, author of The Second Blujsh, her sixth poetry collection